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Karavan Clothing x Quixotic "Tales Of A Traveller"

Karavan Clothing x Quixotic "Tales Of A Traveller"

Tales of a traveller ^ Your untold stories.

Travel addicts are increasing from year to year. The emotions and the passions you share through travelling are appreciated by even more people. The value of a trip to explore a whole new culture & lands subdues other desires and the tempt of exploration is now more affordable than ever. Millennials discovered the value for money on the experiences of travelling. 

Ilektra, one of our favorite wanderers, visited Cairo, lived some unforgettable experiences and was amazed by the aura of the ancient Egyptian civilization & culture.
Visit her travel blog and read the entire story here.

In photo, she wears: Ozeki Top & Alcott Skirt

Quixotic x Karavan Clothing

As summer walked in, the mind fires on the travelling thoughts and plans. Along with the indispensable tools a constant traveller ^ wanderer must have. What we noticed, is that the notebook has recently became one of our loved ones. From the pre-production and planning phase of our holiday expedition, throughout the experience of it and finally, of course, the memoirs that come along after the return, a notebook can be the inseparable gadget that hosts everything that's got to do with travel.

Yes, we live in the era of smartphones and numerous apps can do the job. But only a notebook can really be shaped by our personal touch & thoughts. That's the one that would be the quick pick for travel notes and the absolute memory retriever after them.  

Meet of a soul mate

It's one of those times when the idea seeks & finds you unexpectedly. Creating a notebook has been always in our minds and plans, but the birth of it met us in a book/cafe where we stepped upon Quixotic Notebooks

The independent brand crushed us with it's romantic design, high quality recycled paper and the soft touch of it's cover. We quickly got in touch with beautiful Naomi (the girl behind Quixotic project), her way of thinking was just as her creations and the collaboration was then a piece of cake.

Hope you enjoy and love that project just like we did. 

Of course the maximum level of happiness will be your stories written in them. 
So Wanderers, get ready for Summer and.. 

Live x Love x Wander x Narrate 

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