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We are the Karavan team! Some contemporary nomads or just a clothing design team who loves playing with colors and shapes. When we don't do these, we try to create outfits that accompany you through your everyday stroll and take active part on your everyday tales. And especially, make these moments even prettier & exciting. Because what would a memory be, if not enriched with some style, right?

The idea came up from a bold personality with some passionate & jazzy thoughts, Mariloo Katsoni. Founded in February 2013 and hit the stores on the Spring / Summer 2013 season, the first collections made an impact and received massive love from all you flygirls out there. Since then the crew grew up, adding some exceptional personalities and the route endowed us with even more interesting, funny and daring stories (you'll have the opportunity to check them out in the upcoming published Biography, not!). ✈✈

Designed in Athens, Greece, manufactured by local craftsmen and artisans, processed with high quality raw materials. All work is being imagined and implemented in our hometown, this controversial but lovely city. Yeah, we obsessively control all aspects of the process and keep an eye on every step of it. Moreover one of our main goals is to fulfill and embrace the global fashion ethics framework including:
  • fair & outspoken customer policy
  • democratic model of business running, 
  • eco-friendly material usage, 
  • safety & healthy labor/production working conditions. 
(message alert) Well, because beauty is not only your appearance but your unseen actions too. ✂✂

We create our very own patterns. Every season we come back with some fresh new punchy plus bold sketches and drawings, built from scratch. Our graphic design department works continuously on that project and externalize their most creative ideas on it, gathering inspiration from . You know why? Because we absolutely love that step!  The thing that inspiration might derive from everyday common things or anything that can catch our attention, intrigues us the most. ❤❤❤

And you? You are here because you're also a Wanderer! 
Because you love that "sweet romance" night moments or that awkwardly charming clumsy misadventures also.
Because you wake up the one day and you feel like "today i'm gonna be bold and amaze the crowds"  or just "i'm in the simplicity mood, i'll try something airy, comfy and cool".
You share the same thoughts, ideas, experiences with us. A girl/woman of an exploratory nature; daring through bohème; easy-going through exquisite; intellectual through spirited. D
esignated to travel all around the world and live it and Karavan Clothing is here to make you feel motivated, special, love & be loved. ☆☆☆

Welcome & Cheers!