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Candle (Lovers)

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The ''Lovers Party'' candle

Let the enchanting blend of plum, coconut, bergamot, fig, and sunflower transport you to a world where love is celebrated, and every day feels like a special occasion. 

  • Scented, 100% vegetable soy wax
  • Ideal for indoor quality time 
  • Perfect gift for friends and family
  • Fragrance notes: plum, coconut, bergamot, fig and sunflower 
  • Paraffin is NOT used.
  • Double cotton wick 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Made in Greece
  • Fine porcelain 
  • Designed by Karavan

Vessel volume: 30cl
Burning hours ∽47hr

Delivery time 1-5 working days.

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