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15 Things We Love About Christmas

15 Things We Love About Christmas

15 Things We Love About Christmas
(how a Wanderer rocks the Holiday season) 

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- Presents! Sharing and mostly receiving (hehe..ok, it's a selfish feeling but you cannot lie with these things). Offering a special present to your loved ones can be priceless, especially when you know what would exactly excite them. Unboxing and unwraping. Oh girl, Christmas presents is our own favorite habit.


- Christmas Lights. Walking around the city and seeing all the pretty lights can bring you a spontaneous smile. Everything just sparkles a little bit more during this season.

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- Online Shopping. The most latest entry in the Christmas list. Of course these days are for walking and wandering around city, but these chill and comfort times you spend in house are offered for some online shopping without even moving a step. Grab your holiday cup of tea or coffee, cuddle up on your favorite couch and dive in online fashion.


Messages from people you don't expect. Wishes who come from your dearest people are the most special and touching, but the unexpected message from a neglected person from the past owns some remarkable emotions and brings up many strong memories. Well, not everything in your past relations is worth remembering it but the more you move forward the more funnier you find it.  


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Spend time with your family & loved ones. You know these big, loud, vibrant family meetings are something like a tradition and for some are kind of dull but it's a Christmas necessity and you always give some laughable situations for the future narrations. 


Christmas Shopping. Back from when we were kids (what do you mean by that? we still are), wandering around the decorating stores and eyeing up the window display  was one of the Christmas events we've been impatient about. Any kind of shopping is delightful, when combined with Christmas holiday it's the most luscious.


 - Panettone. Once upon a time, in Milan, was invented one of the most typical sweet of the Italian tradition, the panettone. Since then, it is considered a Christmas staple and American grocery stores stack it in enormous displays during the Christmas season. We love its smell, its taste and we know it is Christmas when our breakfast contains a huge piece of panettone.

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- The Holiday Cheer. The feeling of the Christmas days to come brings a little extra bounce in your step, a smile to your face, and a sense of optimism . It is such an amazing time of the year.


- Shiny Outfits. These extra bright, shiny, extravagant pieces you keep in your closet wondering the whole year "when i'll wear these"? Well, the time is now. You can finally break out all your holiday outfits and be proud of it. 

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- Cooking & baking nights with friends. Inviting our friends over and making a sweet, candy-coated mess in our kitchen? Oh yeah. Hooney Cookies, Sugared Buns, Chocolate Fudges, Snowflake Truffles, the list is endless and our appetite also. The stage of cooking brings a lot of jolly situations, the more people are involved the funnier it becomes.    

Classic Christmas Movies. Christmas movies time is here and it's time to pull out our old time classic favorites and get cozy. Admit it, you'll never get bored of "Home Alone", even after 1 million screenings. 


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- Christmas markets. It's all about the mood. Just after we step in December the Christmas Markets start making their appearance, especially in weekends, and the whole holiday expectation is becoming even more strong. They offer the opportunity to walk around an avid decorative theme park, find unique gifts, seasonal food and festive activities, all this mainly for good purposes.



- Christmas Special Edition Coffee Cups. Even before you start counting down the days before Christmas, the traditional coffee stores have already made it clear in their menu and by unleashing their beloved holiday cups. The holding Christmas cup of coffee in our shopping excursions is a must.   

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- Our favorite Christmas playlist on repeat, everyday 24/7. From Traditional Carols to Motown Christmas Classics and from RnB tunes or cheesy Pop to Classical Symphonic Orchestra Concert we all mix it up and we enjoy that a lot. It's all about your moody taste. We have an extra preference on the Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin trio of Old Christmas classic tunes joined with the special velvet voice of Nat King Cole. 

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City & Store decoration. They call on the beginning of the holiday season. From one day to another the whole city is magically transformed into a dazzling winter wonderland and we love that. Wear your most comfortable shoes and slide on the city pavements. 


Merry Christmas!

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Stefania Istrate

Alexandra Hraskova


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