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[[ Perfect Strangers ]] The Soulmates Photoshoot

[[ Perfect Strangers ]] The Soulmates Photoshoot

"Said that we're not lovers, we're just strangers. With the same damn hunger. To be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all"

"We All Begin As Strangers"

Some gladsome news, a new love story, a dramatic breakup, a job offer, a proposition, the most unforgettable moments in our lives are shared & experienced with our most close people. Our best friends, the bossom buddies, our keepers, the guardian angels. We choose them and they choose us. A friend gives a whole new meaning in every experience.

Georgina Liossi - Emily Sweatshirt - Karavan Clothing

But who can forget that tiny moment when you met each other. That moment that you put a person in your life and keep him next to you forever. That amazing story which transformed you from strangers to friends. You'll never forget these stories and when they come up they bring massive laughs. 

Georgina Liossi - Marion Pon Pon Jumper - Karavan Clothing

Well, these stories made on of our brand meetings into a party and that's when we decided to give our new collection the specific title. Georgina & Theodore are exactly these two persons that became from strangers to soul mates. We couldn't release our new designs without getting them to photoshoot these. This is a special moment that almost became a ritual for Karavan.

Georgina Liossi - Lana Mini Dress - Karavan Clothing

So, welcome aboard, enjoy our new Fall / Winter Collection and we wish every new piece of it would boost your style to meet & love some new strangers. Have Fun!

Georgina Liossi - Lana Mini Dress - Karavan Clothing

Georgina Liossi - Leo Blazer - Karavan Clothing

Enjoy Georgina on her new theater effort in "Lolita Reversed" at Epi Kolono. Lolita Reversed
Have a look on some of Theodore's artistic work. TM Photography.

Georgina Liossi - Leo Blazer - Karavan Clothing

Georgina Liossi - Paloma Shirtdress - Karavan Clothing

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