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The Girl of the Wolf

The Girl of the Wolf

Our lovely Wanderer, Irini Fanarioti, is transforming into a wolfe's girl. Her new performance titled "The Girl Of The Wolf" is based on Christian Bobin's novel called "La Folle Allure", an award winning author from Saône-et-Loire. The story talks about a girl who grows up in a strict discipline society and falls in love with a wolf performing with a wandering circus. As part of her performance at "Neos Kosmos Theatre" Irini gave an interview at "Cue" culture blog, wearing one of our forthcoming summer creations. It was amazing, how Irini gave to our floral shirtdress a whole new taste in an artistic perspective and the beautiful photos of Pantelis Balis that follow can prove that.

We feel great pleasure watching creative people producing interesting results and we really enjoy to meet them and have them in our stories.
So, go on girl, make us proud.



What is made for everyone, is not for anyone.

Christian Bobin - author,poet

Our new Spring/Summer Collection will be released the following week and you'll be able to find it in stores from 21st of March and in our e-shop from 30th of same month.
Keep following the Wanderer's path and you'll never be lost.

You can read Irine's interview here.

"Girl Of The Wolf" at Neos Kosmos Theatre. 

Special thanks to: 
Pantelis Balis Photography
Cue culture blog

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