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Be a Chameleon by Prigipo

Be a Chameleon by Prigipo

A new season brings some changes and hopefully some new experiences in your life. But first of all you must be open minded to welcome and appreciate the new gifts.

The tender artists of jewelery and forest fairies known as "Prigipo" welcomed the new season with the photoshoot of their new collection called " #BeAchameleon

We loved their new designs and the brand new colors they chose to bejewel their creations. 


Karavan Clothing was there to share some fresh pieces of their new collection and some basic and loved classic creations of the past. We feel honored to be a part of such lovely efforts and we always have the passion to support them.



Stories evolve. You change.

Prigipo - #BeAChameleon

You can check the new Prigipo collection and make your purchases via their newly constructed e-shop and match them up with the Karavan choices.

Prigipo Jewelry

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