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Karavan Clothing on the threshold of a new era.

Karavan Clothing on the threshold of a new era.

No Borderlines.

There have already passed 4 years since our first steps in the Greek fashion industry. It seems like yesterday and especially feels so fresh like yesterday. Time flies like an arrow but that's the quintessence of creativity, always remain fresh and renew your motives. The past years we received much love, much more that we could have imagined. We clasped that love & feedback we received and used it to create something to built up our relationship. So our next step has to do with you. It have been on track for almost a year but we couldn't let it go till it was cooked enough to be served as we dreamed of. 

The Style Recipe is up and running!

Eventually, the Karavan fruits have ripen enough to proceed and introduce to you their own online shop. From now on you'll be able to browse the collections from your laptop or mobile, pick your favorite pieces and receive it in your doorstep in just a few days. 
But our communication doesn't stop there. The site will keep upgrading and moving forward in the future and you're going to take part in that.

Karavan Clothing handmade in Greece

Enjoy your stay in, keep in touch, follow the Karavan and explore the undiscovered areas of style.

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