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Spring Breakers & Tasteful Fragrances.

Spring Breakers & Tasteful Fragrances.

Spring is when life's alive in everything.

karavan clothing, spring floral fashion design

Promenades, moonwalks, lounge backs and anxieties put at ease. But first of all there are flowers. That tiny little creature blend in our lives on that part of season and makes it fancier yet upbeat. So pick your favorite outfits and your prettiest faces. Let the floral mood root you.

Just before the wanderers start enjoying their favorite season, Karavan is set to release it's Spring Summer Collection. A bouquet full of blooming flowers awaits you, on a sneak & peak preview of the first patterned designs that are exclusively made by Karavan Clothing for the boheme yet adventurous Wanderers. The color palettes that have been used, draw inspiration from natural - earth colors so to match every combination a mind would choose.


Surprise Bouquet:
Have your scouting eyes open wide for a special line of pieces that are 'bout to fly on your screens in an unforeseen project. You'll be informed on it very soon. 
Meanwhile stay positive, loveable and blooming. 
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