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⋆ Summer Season Sail Report ⋆ Our Lovely Influencers ⋆

⋆ Summer Season Sail Report ⋆ Our Lovely Influencers ⋆

⋆ Summer Season Sail Report ⋆ Our Most Loveable Influencers ⋆

Yeah, we know, summer has officially gone. We leave the beaches behind and we keep our tan as a memorabilia. Most of it all, we keep in our hearts, the exciting experiences summer season offered us.  So, let's toast for the passionate days of summer and get ready for some pottage time. 

For Karavan Clothing it's been the most fantastic season we've experienced since our birth. We'd like to thank you all for your massive support, the love you shared with us and for making our designs look even prettier.

It's been a wonderful trip and we' did not lived it alone. This time we've been accompanied by a splendid crew that made it even more phantasmagorical. So, here is our top 10 wanderers list of the Summer Season 17'. Have a look and add them to your style radar.

Girls, for each one of you, there are no words to describe how obligated we feel. You will always have a special place in our heart.

Can't wait to travel into the fashion seas with you again.  

1. Anita Ghise

Byron Bay

 📍🇹🇩 Dressmaker✂️Designer Contact -

anita ghise x karavan clothing

2. Carlay Page Summers

Photographer. Interiors. Styling. 2 Cor 5:17 🌵 For styling and photography services:

carlay page summers x karavan clothing

3. Clara Nanut


 "Gourmet à la mode", a chic girl with a huge appetite ✶ Founder of Gourmode ✶ Digital dreamer ✨ & Content Creator ⇄

gour mode x karavan clothing

4. Olivia

The Metal Romantic 

Metal & Romance. Style & Motherhood. mama | style blogger | model | @thewildnatives ✉️

metal romantic x karavan clothing

5. Elena Galifa

Awarded Fashion Influencer• TV Presenter/YouTuber• contact:• Traveling - Fashion - Lifestyle - Beauty / Life soaker•

elena galifa x karavan clothing

6. Jennifer Casimiro

fashion individual

Fashion | Lifestyle | Travel 🌍 portuguese girl living in Germany 💌 📍Hamburg, Germany

fashion individual x karavan clothing

7. Evelyn Kazantzoglou

✨• TV host @TvOne #TheBlogger , @madtv • Radio producer @deejay935 • Twitter @evelynkazan • FB EvelynKazantzoglou •🇬🇷 • #Red ❤️

evelyn x karavan clothing

8. Aline Kaplan

Blog Fashionzauber📍Phuket

 FASHION || TRAVEL || BEAUTY || LIFESTYLE 🍊Lover All 📷by @tommeezjerry 🔜Singapur, NY 📩 fashionzauber@googlemail.comWWW.FASHIONZAUBER.COM

aline kaplan x karavan clothing

9. Taylor LaShae

Taylor LaShae  currently located in los angeles > oct/australia > nov-dec/bali

taylor lashae x karavan clothing

10. Efstathia Tzova

So.. Here's my life. Located in Athens, Greece. Mama of my little girl Maerah & Nick's wife. I'm obviously a fashion lover. Enjoy us living! 🌾

efstathia x karavan clothing

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