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Wander on the Orient Express

Wander on the Orient Express


When you think about the idea of consistent wandering and exploring the world we live in, you 're keen on forgetting the beauty surrounding your hometown. The mystery and the joy of exploration can be full-filled even in a hidden spot near you. A sweet little cafe, an interesting amusement, an artistic space or even a neoclassical recreation area can really make your day.

 These are exactly our "flaneur's" thoughts when she came by the "Rouf Railway Carriage Theater". A distinct place where history and vintage taste meets modern art expressions. Each wagon has it's historical facts hidden behind the rails and each one has been transformed into an entertaining multi space

The most impressive of all was the fact that the place hosts an authentic wagon of the real Orient Express. The famous long-distance train (also known from Agatha Christie's best selling novel, "Murder on the Orient Express") that traveled through Europe at the beginning of 21st century, conjoining Paris & Constantinople. 


The impossible cannot have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances.

Agatha Christie - Novelist, Author. "Murder on the Orient Express"


Of course the whole scenery offered the maximum inspiration for us. We felt like "Orient Express" would have been our favorite wandering conveyance at these times. So we didn't lose a second and we took advantage of the wandering photographer Alex Antoniadis, who helped us capture the moment. It was a special moment since it seems that the "Highsmith" dress was created as having in mind the specific era. You can easily realize that when you see the cheerful look of our "flaneurs" face.

And don't forget, the "Highsmith" dress along with the first draft of our new Spring/Summer Collection is now available in stores and will be released on our e-shop the forthcoming day of April 8th.

Love your surroundings & Keep Wandering 




Rouf Railway Carriage Theater

Melodic Photos by: Alex Antoniadis



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